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Is Scripted Live Action Production The Future Of VR
The amount and quality of VR content that is being produced currently is extremely encouraging. The fact that we are seeing top name studios and VR production companies focusing more and more on mainstream content to fill the entertainment needs of the consumer audience is even more encouraging. Noticeable at this years Sundance Film Festival was the number high production value VR entries. It’s obvious that the future of VR rests to some extent on the industries ability to expand the creation of content at a level that will influence consumer entertainment consumption. Solving the socialization challenge of theatrical presentations as Paramount and Bigscreen chose to do in their virtual reality movie theater premier of Top Gun in 3D last month is a big step forward in addressing what opponents to the VR movement claim is the biggest hurdle to mainstream entertainment acceptance.“No one wants to sit by themselves with a headset on and watch a movie “ The other barrier to widespread consumer acceptance frequently discussed is the lack of consistency in content. To date there has been very little production of, scripted, live action series based programing. What has been done has been very marginal in quality at best.  ReelTime VR, a Seattle based VR Production Company is a noticeable exception. They currently produce two popular high end multi episode productions and we understand there are more on the way. ”In Front of View”, a travel series starring Supermodel Front Montgomery and her daughter Leonie Montgomery which is our pick for Best Travel Series. ReelTime VR also produces “Really Twins” a tween entertainment series starring the “Really Twins” twins Austin and Brandon. Really Twins recently became the Most Experienced Premium VR Content of 2018 on VeeR VR worldwide after only 30 days on the platform and has been the most popular non-animated youth series on Samsung Gear VR since it first aired in 2017 propelling it to win the VR Biz Awards Best Live Action Series. The fact that their episodes have gained immediate acceptance tells us that viewers want consistent content they can enjoy week by week just as they do their traditional network TV programming, they just prefer to do it in the elevated viewing experience of virtual reality. 
Best Cinematic VR Experience IT: FLOAT - Warner Brothers Pictures Best Animated Feature ASTEROIDS!- Baobab Studios Best Live Action Series Really Twins- ReelTime VR Best Documentary The Protectors- National Geographic Best Sports Feature 2017 Champions League final - Fox Sports Best Travel Series In Front of View -  ReelTime VR
VR Biz Journal
The Business Of Virtual Reality
Former Xbox exec Phil Harrison joins Google hardware unit SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - A veteran Sony and Microsoft video game executive has joined the hardware development unit at Alphabet Inc's Google, and analysts said he could help the company hone its efforts in mixed-reality technologies.
MyndVR Taps Littlstar to Launch Exclusive Virtual Reality Content Service for 55-Plus Adult Communities Nationwide DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MyndVR, the national leader in providing virtual reality (VR) solutions for senior living communities, and Littlstar, a global content network dedicated to virtual reality, 360-degree video and immersive experiences, are pleased to announce an exclusive partnership to deliver VR content to older adults. MyndVR powered by Littlstar will provide seniors with access to immersive and meaningful experiences from the top content producers in the world, including DiscoveryVR, National Geographic, USA Today Network, and The Wall Street Journal.
VR Technology Could Change the Real Estate Industry Real estate experts say that virtual reality technology could change the way potential homebuyers look at real estate listings.
Team USA is skiing in virtual reality to prepare for the Winter Olympics The 2018 Winter Olympics are almost here. For the skiers and snowboarders of Team USA, that means constant training on the slopes — and in virtual reality.
Virtual Reality Content Is Exploding .......... Just one thing missing.
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They say that content is king and in the entertainment world content drives revenues. The fact is that the amount of VR content being developed by everyone from professionals to amateurs alike is amazing. Sports, Theatrical, Horror, Animation, Documentary, Music, Cartoon, Adventure, Travel and Comedy. Pretty much every production category available is being covered by virtual reality ........ Except one and that one is where the real money is. If we look at all the traditional video production taking place today there is one category that far outnumbers all the rest being developed by independent production houses. That one category is commercials. More on this next week .. The VR Biz Journal Editor
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